Dr. Ifatunde, Umar Johnson found what we all find when we get out and do the Liberation work necessary to Free Black people: The Nation of Islam.

THE NATION OF ISLAM  to the rescue once again. We all should be pleased to have our Nation available when needed. It is easy to check off the Great men who called on “the Mighty FOI” when needed: Johnny Cochran, Michael Jackson, just to name two.
Dr. Ifatunde was in good hands last night. He was forced to find another venue to deliver his Black empowering message to the Portland, Oregon community. The original place he was scheduled to speak was at a school that cancelled  the event. But the resourcefulness of The Meeting of the Minds in Portland reached out to The Nation of Islam, and the Nation of Islam reached back – with resources built on teachings based on the The Message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
As Dr. Umar, as many still think of and call him, does his work on behalf of Black people, “The System” is also doing its work: That is to vainly continue to try to keep Black people in the same status it has been in since the advent of chattel slavery, second-class citizenship and other forms of oppression: under White Supremacy Domination Oppression, in the United States of America.
The “Meeting of The Minds” had an good unexpected surprise in Portland, Oregon: maybe, just maybe, this meeting portends availing ourselves of the Great Opportunity in The National Black Community in the year 2014. That is, get on with the Instructions of our Learned, Latter Day Captive Ancestors. To the Blackman or woman Ancestor, they instructed that the nature of the work in survival is to “Do For Self” and “Just Do the Work if you know it!”
Since our survival is an accomplished fact, the only thing that remains is the worth, character and productivity of Black people. We followed instructions to survive the “Hell of Oppression.” Now we strive to do the work that will enhance our chance to realize the divine potential that our Learned Ancestors said would be our – if we do the work!
A Student of The Message of Elijah,  Minister Louis Farrakhan is commended for instilling a unafraid, generous nature in the Brothers and Sisters in the Portland, Oregon Temple.  The have been preparing for the aftermath of Black captivity since July 4, 1930. Now the opportunity is upon us to act like we clearly understood an often quote statement by another student of Mr. Muhammad: the said, “…we don’t catch hell because we a Muslim, Mason or Elk, we catch hell because we are Black.” 

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I was born in Alabama, Moved to NYC at 11 years old; raised and attended school in the Bronx New York City; consciousness raised and found my Spiritual Path in Harlem NYC 1973; joined NOI; wrote and published first 3 or 16 books, Founded United Brothers Communications Systems and published first 15 of more than 500 books; moved to Virginia in the year 1978.

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